Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hello again!

I just wanted to tell you about a beautiful collection of textile jewellery we currently have displayed in the shop, a collaboration between artist Eva Fulinova and poet Rebecca Joy Sharp:

Fathoming - is a triptych of poems worked into individual smocked silk necklaces, each of unique design. Each poem/piece can be expereinced alone or as part of the series of three.

There is a thread of a story that runs through the pieces - half-glimpsed, it invites you to a chase and never fully gives itself away. Two voices seperated by time and the sea; memories and secret messages drift in on a breeze of shimmering silk; the promise of a return perhaps never fulfilled; echoes of Penelope at her loom, waiting for Odysseus.

The design of each piece reflects the tone of that poem and in turn tells the story. The object itself could have been a coded message from an absent love; a talisman or love token. The pieces were designed to have an antiquated look and feel, as though they may have lain hidden for centuries in a secret compartment of an old wooden chest.

The process of creating the series was reciprocal: the poems were written with the final outcome in mind, inspired by the very process of intricate smocking and delicate embellishment; the final pieces were crafted in such a way as to reflect the structure, content and mood of the poems.

To read the poems, on the page or within the silk, is to unravel their secrets. To wear each piece is to reveal its magic, while forever keeping some parts hidden, for only the bearer to behold.

For more information click on the above links or come and see the collection in the shop, they are even more beautiful in real life and will be with this until the end of January.

Jane xx

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